Pro-Choice group prevented from setting up at UCC

This refusal to grant society status to the UCC Pro-Choice Society represents a gross attack on individual beliefs and political rights. People must have the right to organise and publicly acclaim their convictions, especially in schools and colleges, which are supposed to encourage the exchange and elaboration of all kinds of ideas.

– Darren C


On Monday evening this week the Societies Guild at UCC rejected an application, backed by over 100 student signatures, to set up a pro-choice student society. The “reason” they gave for their disgraceful decision was:

Your society application was brought before the Guild last evening. Unfortunately status was not approved. It is a decision that was ultimately made by a previous Guild and is being upheld. “A society already exists which caters for debate in the area of abortion and choice”. Membership to this and all societies is open to all students in UCC. Thank you for your interest and I hope you join one of the many societies in UCC.

Attached is the poster/leaflet we will be distributing on UCC campus tomorrow (Thursday) 11am – 3pm advertising a meeting on campus next Monday (2 Feb) of all those opposed to this decision and who want to help get it overturned.

Please pass on the news and help build the meeting next Monday, 7pm, Room 8, West Wing, UCC.


by Alan Davis – Cork Women’s Right to Choose Group

Contact: at gmail dot com


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