Colin Duffy: Victim of State Persecution

Thirty people attended a public meeting organised by the Frank Ryan Society on state repression in the six counties and in particular the case of Colin Duffy on Thursday the 22nd of October. A member of the Frank Ryan Society chaired the meeting and introduced Paul Duffy, brother of Colin and also a former republican prisoner. Paul spoke of the long term level of harassment Colin and his family has had to put up with over the years. From being a personal witness to state collusion in a sectarian murder, to being stitched up on various occasions. The harassment meted out to the Duffy family on both sides of the border was exemplified by the presence of five members of the Special Detective Unit outside the venue on the night. One of whom was provided with literature on the miscarriage of justice and stated that Colin was a ‘terrorist’. When confronted and surrounded by a number of republicans and civil liberties activists the Special Detective was not able to repeat his previous utterances in the presence of the Duffy family. In fact, he was unable to string a coherent sentence together at all.

A former republican prisoner also spoke of his own experiences of prison and the necessity for support outside of the prisons. He stressed the importance of material, financial and moral support outside of the prisons. In the case of Colin Duffy and considering the massive miscarriage of justice, it was stressed that it was imperative for anyone with a concern for civil liberties to support the Duffy family.

During questions and answers, an interesting discussion developed where the general consensus was that although republicans of different hues have different strategies and directions, causes’ such as the Friends of Colin Duffy Campaign is something that every republican, socialist and civil rights activist can unite around and pursue.

The Frank Ryan Society will continue to highlight the case of Colin Duffy in the foreseeable future and welcome any effort that is made to highlight Colin’s case.

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