RIP Vol Alan Ryan

Oglach Alan Ryan

A week ago on Monday afternoon IRA volunteer Alan Ryan was shot in the back on the streets of North Dublin in a cowardly ambush by hired gunman. Those responsible for his murder are a part of a drugs culture in Dublin which Alan had brought to the brink of destruction. As leader of the Dublin brigade of the IRA Alan had wrought havoc on the drugs gangs that plagued his city. He was a highly effective organizer and built up an organisation which pushed the drugs gangs steadily out of the city. Ultimately whilst a drugs gang may bear direct responsibility for his murder there are a number of forces which enabled it. The Free state media and Gardai both helped create the conditions where an IRA volunteer was criminalized and demonised.

Alan was a lifelong Republican Socialist. From his early teens he was an active member of Na Fianna Eireann before graduating into the ranks of the Irish Republican Army. He led from the front and by the age of 19 was in portloaise jail serving a seven year sentence. This did little to change his mind about the republican movement and when he was released he set about building up the Republican movement in Dublin. Alan was not a militarist, he had a keen understanding of the relationship between the social struggle and the war against the occupation. He felt that a political Republican movement was essential to help organize communities and to mobilize Republicans. As such he was active in the 32CSM right up until his murder and played a leading role in helping develop the movement in Dublin.

The media began to take notice of Alan when it became apparent that he was making headway in Dublin in the campaign against drug dealers. Encouraged by the Gardai the tabloid press began to use his name with greater frequency, attempting to link him to criminality with greater frequency. Alan was hurt by this on a personal level and often expressed his amazement that anybody could believe he was involved in criminality given the lifestyle he led. He lived at home, unable until recently to afford a car of his own. He did not enjoy a life of luxury. The media painted him as a dangerous thug. His friends knew him as a big kid who enjoyed nothing better than messing about with his pals. The gardai regarded him as a threat to the state, he was a threat to their state. He despised the 26 county government which he rightly saw as being responsible for impoverishing his community and the Irish working class. He refused to pay fines handed down to him by the courts going to jail rather than handing over money to the IMF. His personal generosity was usually at his own expense he went without rather than seeing others stuck.

Alan was happier in the past few months than in previous years. He felt that republicanism was beginning to develop and grow in strength. Despite his own concerns in Dublin he remained resolutely committed to the struggle in the six counties and looked forward to seeing the Republican movement there develop. He cared deeply about republican prisoners in particular Marian Price who he constantly reminded people about and who he personally campaigned for with all his effort. The media stepped up its efforts to portray Alan as a gangster and a thug. They were encouraged by the Garda special branch who could not make any headway against Alan or the Dublin brigade of the IRA which had crippled numerous drugs gangs across the city. They kept Alan under constant surveillance and harassed him and his family at every opportunity.

On Monday afternoon this surveillance disappeared. Alan and two friends were all being monitored and kept under a close eye that day. Yet the gunman who murdered Alan was allowed to travel freely in an area which was saturated with gardai on a daily basis. After he murdered Alan he was allowed make good his escape unhindered for a vital ten minutes while the gardai turned a blind eye. No Garda helicopter was scrambled to attempt to stop the getaway. The Gardai who did arrive on the scene mocked Alan and his friends, they showed no interest in establishing what had happened.

Alan was buried by his friends and comrades in the Republican movement. The forces of the state could not prevent the volunteers of the IRA laying their comrade to rest with dignity and honour. They were forced to stand by impotently as the volunteers of Dublin brigade emerged and gave their comrade a volley of shots to salute him. Alan was laid to rest with his father while thousands of his friends and comrades stood to say goodbye. It was a funeral fitting for a great Republican, it made a mockery of the attempts to portray him as a local criminal.

Alan left behind a legacy which will not be immediately apparent. Young republicans across Ireland looked to Alan for leadership and as an example of what a Republican activist should behave like. His integrity and commitment is ingrained in the minds of a new generation of Republicans who will no doubt do their best to live up to the example he set. In murdering Alan the drug gangs have no doubt sealed their own fate. The Republican movement has not been destroyed by the loss of Alan. No republican has fled Dublin following his murder. Republicans are gathering and uniting in his memory and no doubt the impact of this will be seen in the weeks to come.

For his friends Alan cannot be replaced or forgotten. He wasn’t just a Republican, he was a brother, a son and a friend to so many. He brightened up the lives of all he came into contact with. He has left behind memories which will always be treasured and the hurt of losing him will never be fully healed. We can only do what Alan always encouraged us to, keep strong and carry on united until we complete the goals for which he gave his life for.


14 Responses to “RIP Vol Alan Ryan”

  1. g Says:

    hard to say what to make of him so many stories u could believe the stories of him being as bad as the drug dealers which he fought against or taxed as what is said but no matter what he has brought Republicanism together in a time its going apart but in the end the I.R.A have a battle as drugs is a huge business and the I.R.A are a force that is dying

  2. Ardboe realist Says:

    I find it amazing that people, who call themselves decent irish men and women, can bury praise someone for their dedication to a 32 county Ireland when it is mentioned above that he “despised” the 26 county Government… If the 26 were to incorporate the 6 and make the 32, where would he stand then, would he again despise the 32?

    It doesnt add up really. I have no doubt if there was a 32 county Ireland in the morning, the “republicans” would continue their opposition to law and order no matter if its came from Dublin.

    Tell those he “taxed” and extorted thousands of euros from in nothing more than criminality. What kind of a hero are you when you steal and terrorise those in business for your own ends and have the cheek to claim in furthers any republican agenda?

    I hope the grave diggers all over Ireland are kept busy in the not so distant future.

  3. eire's own Says:

    criminals are poisoning our youth they think its cool this false gangster image alan ryan was standing up for his country, i would die for ireland i would die for what i believe in they sickening murder of a outstanding republican sickened me the garda had 24 armed guards watching him yet they never budged our country is going to hell if we dont have more people to stand up to these scum

  4. eire's own Says:

    i really think it was a set up by our garda was a trained gun man garda have more than one reason to do it look at martin cahill for e.g same m.o of a corrupt police force ireland needs to be strong and open our eyes to what the scum gardai are getting away with R.I.P Alan Ryan did not know you but my respect i give

  5. Cthetruth Says:

    Rip Vol Alan Ryan. My sympathy to your family, friends and loved ones at this very sad time. You made a difference, you stood up and you were counted. You gave your life protecting the community from drug dealing crim scum. The media may paint you in a different light, but your funeral said it all. You will be deeply missed.
    As for the Garda, they are more interested in the shots fired into the air than the bullets that murdered this man. That you may be at peace Alan. Your shoes will never be filled but you left footprints that the brave will follow in order to wipe out drugs.

  6. Ardboe realist Says:

    “Protecting the community from drug dealing scum” , laugh out Very loud! My God you people are in denial or you dont have a clue…..

    Alan Ryan was only interested in “Taxing” the drug dealers and extorting money from local hard working business people in his community and carrying out armed robberies etc etc

    Im not a fan of drugs drug dealers but let me tell you one thing, i would not, even in desperation turn to someone like Alan Ryan to “sort out the drug dealers”. He is no different to a dealer as he was also a criminal.

    United Ireland my wee toe, catch yourselves on 32csm /RIRA/CIRA

  7. Cthetruth Says:

    Ardboe realist you have a difference of opinion that is fine, I personally think you dont live surrounded by drug dealers nor do you have children to bring up around them. You say you ” your not a fan of drug dealers” that’s pretty much a tell tale sign. I think I read your views on Alan Ryan before.. Maybe in the daily star?! the truth was in his community turning out to pay tribute to the man. For a bully people who knew him sure did like him!! For all his “extortion” there is no money? Il base my opinions on views of people who actually knew the man not on jernos.
    We shall agree to disagree, hopefully this time I can say my piece without you jumping on it.

  8. dee Says:

    i knew frankie ryan from poleglass i can see no difference in frankie and and alan frankie was killed in england with patricia black alan was killed in dublin by pro british death squads in cahoots with mi5 and garda special branch .i can only say with out exploding and giving the enemy my true thoughts our revenge will be the laughter of our children

  9. Jim higgins Says:

    Alan ryan was a good for nothing,extortionist thug who never did an honest days work in his,thankfully short,life.why would the moron expect,or ask,protection from the police force of a state he claimed to despise?live by the sword…

  10. carl Says:

    What a complete joke. Alan was a bully boy criminal who called himself a socialist. “He brought the drug trade to the brink” lol thats a classic if ever I heard one. Him and his gang of jumped up nightclub doormen, squeezed a few quid out of a few drug dealers. It was nothing more than a protection racket. Its embarrassing to think that article got posted, what a bunch of idiots.

  11. Karl Says:

    Completely agree with ardboe realist

    Alan Represented scum bags

    Ireland much better off with him dead . A bully who sullies what real republicanism is abouy

    Turns out acting as the tax department can be lethal

  12. Dominick Says:

    It is really a fantastic as well as valuable part of info. Now i am grateful that you simply discussed this useful facts about. You need to be united states advised this way. Many thanks for giving.

  13. liam Nolan Says:

    just reading the comments on here am disgusted in what they are saying and i bet they are all on drugs themselves, to all the haters of oglach alan ryan you can kiss my hairy arse, not one of you had the balls to stand upto the drug dealers or are you the ones that selling the drugs and your only happy because Alan is gone so you can carry on with you drug dealings or are you the ones that Alan put you out of business , REST IN PEACE OGLACH ALAN RYAN

  14. John Delaney Says:

    A scum bag who got wiped out by the criminals he was extorting from

    He died for Ireland

    Did he fuck

    He was killed by his own kind, criminal scum bags

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