RIP Vincent Ryan

I cant put into words the horror i felt hearing about the murder of Vincent Ryan. It cast my mind back nearly 4 years ago to the day we lost Alan. Having to watch my brother break the news to me and my confusion and disbelief brought everything rushing back. The Ryan family is now being forced to endure once again a media spotlight on their trauma. Vinny is being vilified and smeared by a craven corporate press. This however gives us an opportunity to recall what exactly has occurred in Dublin. The Republican movement Alan Ryan built devastated the gangs of North Dublin and was breaking their stranglehold on the communities. They attracted growing support. Alan and Vinny were to the forefront of anti austerity demonstrations in Dublin in 2010 and 2011. I distinctly recall at the time their presence being noted and used by the tabloids to attempt to smear the campaigns. There has been no mention of Vinny Ryan as a dedicated political activist in the wake of his murder. i met him first when i was 18 years old and was struck by his commitment and intellectual confidence and critique of the state. He stood in stark contrast to most of our generation. At 16 years old he was educating himself about his country’s past and preparing to fight for its future. The Republican movement was directly attacked by the state in the wake of Alan’s murder as well as by the cartels coalescing into a broad based alliance. The minister for Justice at the time Alan Shatter was vehement in calling for such action. He has since had to retire in disgrace and lost his seat. Martin Callinan the Garda commissioner directed the campaign. He has also since had to step down in disgrace following his description of whistle-blowers exposing Garda corruption as “disgusting”.

At the time of Alan’s murder his friends and comrades publicly pointed out the utter Garda inaction which was allowing the gangs a free hand whilst they attacked Republicans. Our accusations about Garda corruption and their relationships with criminal gangs have been largely substantiated in the past 4 years with the entire Garda culture finally being exposed. The working class communities of Dublin had long since reached these conclusions. Those who stood by Alan and Republican Socialist principles found themselves hounded by the state, criminals and former comrades who saw fit to use Alan in life and abandon him in death. The communities we once hoped to build a better society from lie devastated reeling from austerity and the brutality and fear inflicted by the gangs.

We live in a time of confusion and uncertainty. The alienation felt by many people is leading to frustration and hopelessness. Vincent Ryan never gave up his hope in the future. He saw it in his new daughter, his nephews and nieces and his family. He tried for as long as he could to secure the Republic he wanted them to grow up in. He was moving forward with his life in a society going backwards. Those that murdered him, facilitated by state inaction will continue to drag our country in that direction. The memory of Vincent Ryan will haunt them in their sleep because they know that in time more men and women will emerge and take up the struggle for the Ireland of Connolly, Costello and Vincent Ryan.

RIP mo chara


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